Here we will discuss 6 of the most amazing benefits and importance of digital marketing for business growth, keep reading to know how digital marketing is important for your business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Before describing the importance of digital marketing for your business, we have to define digital marketing meaning first.

Digital marketing is the promotion of your products or services using digital channels, such as search engines, social media, email, mobile applications, or any new digital channel, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers. These promotions are seen on electronic devices such as tablets, computers, and smartphones.

The Difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing

After defining digital marketing meaning, and to really understand what digital marketing is we have to clarify the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing because once you have a clear understanding of the difference between traditional and digital channels, and the purpose they each serve, you’ll be able to use each channel to achieve your goals. This also will show the importance of digital marketing to your business.

1. Channels

The primary difference between them is each one’s channels, Traditional Marketing channels include:

Outdoor (billboards, and posters), broadcasting (TV, and Radio), print (magazines, and newspapers), events (exhibitions, and sponsorship of events), telemarketing (phone, and text message), window display and signs.

Digital marketing channels are much more than just social media, they include:

Content Marketing, Sponsored Content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media marketing, videos, podcasts, pay per click (PPC), affiliate marketing, native advertising, marketing automation, mobile applications, online PR, email marketing, inbound marketing, and managing digital marketing through tactics such as account-based marketing and customer relationship management (CRM).

2. Cost

Traditional marketing is more expensive than digital marketing; there is no chance for small business to use TV commercials because they are dominated by big businesses that can afford their cost, while digital marketing is more cost-effective. Also you’re able to target a very specific audience with digital paid advertisements.

3. Effect

Traditional marketing is more memorable because of seeing something in real life, while digital marketing efforts like Google ads, banners, promo emails, or social media ads can have a fleeting, temporary character, and can easily be ignored.

4. Results measurement

Digital marketing results are easy to measure; analytics platforms give you access to real-time data that can help you make informed decisions while tracking and analytics in traditional marketing are not available to understand if you achieve all your business goals or not.

5. Interaction

Digital marketing offers a higher level of engagement and interaction with your customers, while traditional marketing doesn’t allow direct interaction with your customers and you can’t easily know the feedback.

6. Editing and Optimization

In traditional marketing, mistakes cost more, once you’ve printed 100 billboards you’re stuck with them, but in digital marketing, you can easily edit the text, fonts, and images with one click.

 7. Access

Digital media is accessible anywhere, anytime via any electronic device such as mobile phones, desktops, and tablets while traditional marketing is not.

Why is Digital Marketing Important to Your Business?

When we talk about the importance of digital marketing for your business we have to mention that we live in a world that is totally dependent on technology, for example, we resort to the internet with whatever questions we need to answer, or the information that we need to know.

A huge number using the internet across the world, it’s more than 7.7 billion people, so here we will discuss 6 of the most amazing benefits and importance of digital marketing for your business growth and success, keep reading to know how digital marketing is very important for your business:

1-The importance of digital marketing lies in digital marketing gives your business the ability to reach out to many customers at the same time easily, you can also use many digital marketing channels, within your budget, and if your budget is low, then you should always target your niche audiences to achieve your goals easily.

2- Digital marketing is the hope for small businesses, it allows small businesses to hold a top-ranking position, and to compete with a small advertising budget.

When you manage your budget effectively, it gives you laser-focused control over where and how they spend your money.

3- Digital marketing is more cost-effective, the amount of money invested in digital marketing is less than the amount that traditional marketing costs, so it makes the ROI is much higher in digital marketing. IPSOS Hong Kong study conducted “in accordance with Google has shown that digital marketing is known to generate 2.8 times more revenue compared to traditional methods”.

4-  In digital marketing every step of success is measurable, it shows the success of each tactic and channel that has been used, then you can choose the best one that gets the best results, also you can easily make changes in your campaigns many times to achieve greater results.

5- Reaching your audience easily is the most important benefit of digital marketing, there are higher chances that your audience is spending time on the internet especially social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., where you can publish an advertisement to gain more engagement and to drive more sales, also you can target people based on their buying behavior, education level and more.

6- A digital marketing agency can help you with new, and creative ideas that can give your business great results, and sales, you will need them because the market is not stable and everything gets changed rapidly and there is not always a win-win situation for your usual business tactics. An agency also will help you with clear and accurate insights and reports on how your tactics are performing, how customers are engaging with your brand, and the effect of each different idea and tactic on your sales.

To know more about digital marketing and it’s importance for your business, follow us. And if you have any question on how you can grow your business online, feel free to contact us here.

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